Happy Tails

Pepper, adopted 01/19/2013
Pepper is probably our biggest success story to date!  She was adopted 364 days after we rescued her from the Pima County shelter.  When we first met Pepper she was a chronic fence jumper with more issues than you could shake a stick at, but we didn't give up on her.  We worked with a positive reinforcement behaviorist and Pepper transformed before our eyes into the amazing dog she is today!  Pepper found her perfect home with Becky and her Labrador retriever puppy Sadie.  We wish you a happily-ever-after, Pepper-girl!

Henry, adopted 01/19/2013
Henry is a sweet 8 year old purebred German shorthaired pointer who went from being found as a stray in Chandler, AZ to finding a wonderful, loving home with the Carden family!  He takes a little while to come out of his shell, but he is settling in nicely with his new parents and we hear he really loves sliced apples for treats!
Prince Henry!

Cooper, adopted 01/03/2013
Cooper is an incredibly sweet and very mellow purebred German shorthaired pointer around a year & a half old.  A mellow GSP at that age?!  I know, we were shocked, too!  But Cooper is the real deal and is good as gold.  He's great with his family's three other dogs, likes to give the two kitties tongue baths, and is gentle with his two human sisters.  We weren't the least bit surprised when the Porter's decided to keep him!
Cooper with his sisters Remi (Weimaraner) and Addi (human)!

Rain, adopted 11/17/2012
Rain is a fun-loving, smart, and outgoing 10 month old German shorthaired pointer/Bluetick Hound cross who found a wonderful home with the Mart family and their sweet, playful 6 year old German Shepherd/Husky cross girl.  Congratulations Rain and her new family!  We look forward to seeing many happy updates about Rain's new, happy life.
Rain and her sister, enjoying one of Rain's favourite things: bones!

Sophie, adopted 11/05/2012
Sophie is a stunning petite black roan purebred German shorthaired pointer who is around 2 years old.  You'd never know she was blind from birth and has high titer Valley Fever.  When we first met Soph, she could barely stand on her own.  With proper treatment and plenty of love, Sophie flourished well beyond our expectations... all that awaited her was finding that perfect family we knew was out there.  When we received a very promising application from the Drake family it seemed like fate!  Three days into their one week trial with Soph they were smitten and proceeding with finalizing her adoption, making her a permanent member of their family and playmate for their 7 year old GSP/Lab mix boy Sam (the ham!).  Happy tails, Sophie!
Happy family!

Emma, adopted 10/22/2012
Emma is a shy and gentle 4 year old liver & white purebred English pointer who was saved from euthanasia at a small, rural shelter in New Mexico.  While in foster care, we discovered that she was deaf in one ear and had had her jaw/muzzle broken at some point although the injury was remodeled (not recent).  Sweet Emma found a wonderful family who saw beyond her past and gave her a happy future.  Thank you so much to the Wallis family for giving Emma the loving home she deserves!
Emma and her boys!

Bella, adopted 10/06/2012
Bella is a sweet and spunky liver ticked purebred English pointer who was emaciated and suffering from giardia when we rescued her from the local Pima County shelter where she'd been turned in by her owner who didn't/couldn't feed her.  It took months for her to gain enough weight to undergo spay surgery.  By that time she'd already won the hearts of her foster family, the Coleman's, and was adopted the day she was spayed (which completed the full adoption process).  We wish the Coleman's many happy years with the newest member of their GSP family!
Bella and her brothers, Zeke & Jesse!
Bella with her dad. <3
Tanzy (now Tazzy), adopted 07/16/2012
Tazzy is a sweet, lovely black and white ticked purebred English pointer puppy around 10 months old who was saved from euthanasia (for being shy!) and was lucky enough to be adopted by pointer enthusiast Madeline in San Diego!  Tazzy is a little nervous around strangers and sometimes with other dogs, but Madeline's love and patience is helping her find her way.  Congratulations to both lucky ladies!
Tazzy, napping after her road trip home and her first day with her new mom!

Gus, adopted 07/09/2012
Gus is a handsome 4 year old solid liver purebred German shorthaired pointer with an amazing story!  His family in Pacific Grove, California could no longer keep him and we were able to find a foster home here in Arizona.  However, fate intervened and Keith the pilot from Pilots N Paws & his wife fell in love with him and he stayed in San Diego with two sweet pug sisters, Ginger and Mary Ann (who is fairly smitten with Gus!).  Gus has plenty of room to run around and a loving family to care for him the rest of his life!
Gus and his new girl friend, Mary Jane!

Gingersnap, adopted 06/25/2012
Gingersnap is one of the cutest puppies we've ever seen and has one of the biggest personalities to boot!  She was saved from euthanasia at the county shelter in Phoenix, Arizona just in the nick of time and will be traveling to Pennsylvania next month with her new mom & dad, Sarah & Eric.  We look forward to watching our sweet, feisty Gingersnap make the most of the opportunity to be able to grow up and become an adult dog!  Thank you to both her foster mamas (Sarah & Juanita) for giving her that chance.

Gingersnap with her new family, Sarah and Eric!

Mabel (now Aspen), adopted 06/15/2012
Aspen (formerly Mabel) is a sugar sweet, gorgeous English pointer mix around a year old who was rescued from the shelter in Phoenix, Arizona and was adopted by her lovely foster mom Jennifer!   Even though Aspen has partial hearing loss, she lives a happy and active life going to the dog park, swimming in her own little pool, and romping with her Vizsla brother, Hunter.  Congratulations on your new baby, Jennifer!
Mable with her new mama Jennifer and her brothers, Hunter & Fargo!
Bones, adopted 06/12/2012

Bones is a confident, spirited 2 year old purebred liver & white German shorthaired pointer who found an ideal home with Lt. Col. Buckley and family, which includes a GSP buddy Briar who is also a rescue dog!

(photo unavailable at this time)

Jack Lemon, adopted 06/08/2012
 Jack Lemon is a gentleman of an English pointer and is about 9 years young.  He is a purebred lemon & white boy who loves working the birds in the yard and then relaxing & cuddling with our president, Garnet Scarabin, when indoors.  He is the 3rd member of her pack and joins German shorthaired pointer Gatsby & GSP/Lab mix sister Lola Lulu.

Lola Lulu & Gatsby

Baron (now Fritz), adopted 05/21/2012
Fritz (formerly Baron) is a stunning, aristocratic purebred German shorthaired pointer around 5 years old who was going to be put down at the Pinal County shelter for being fearful.  He is a loving and very loved member of a family now, with his very own Weimaraner sister too!  Congratulations to Samantha and many thanks to opening your home and heart to this wonderful boy.
Pool time!
Fritz with his Weimaraner sister Zoey!

Zeke, adopted 05/01/2012
Zeke is a bright and fun-loving 1.5 year old purebred liver & white German shorthaired pointer who found a wonderful home with Bucky & Lauren.  Although he has a bad knee, Zeke is looking forward to spending his days swimming in the pool, relaxing with his mini dachshund sister Marley, and living the good life.  Congratulations to Bucky, Lauren, & Marley on your happy-go-lucky boy!
Zeke was so happy he wouldn't hold still!

Blue, adopted 04/07/2012
Blue is a 4 year old purebred liver roan German shorthaired pointer with the most beautiful full tail we've ever seen on a shorthair: part solid liver, part white with liver ticking.  Whether it's a game of fetch in the yard or spending time with his people at home or running errands, Blue is enthusiastic about everything!  You couldn't wish for a sweeter, more affectionate boy.  We think it was love at first sight, when Ryan and Nicole met Blue!  They took their boy home that very night.  Happy tails, Blue, and congratulations to Ryan and Nicole!

Blue, napping with his birdie.  Aww!

Lucky Ace (now Carter), adopted 04/01/2012
Carter (formerly our Lucky Ace) is a 3 year old purebred liver & white ticked German shorthaired pointer who is loving, goofy, gregarious, and as handsome as they come.  Congratulations to Tierney & Travis for welcoming such a wonderful boy into their home!  We wish you all many happy years together!
Tierney & Carter!

Jan, adopted 03/24/2012
Jan is a 4 year old female purebred liver roan German shorthaired pointer who is shy, sweet, gentle, and inquisitive.  Her new mom Linda and chocolate Lab brother Bailey love her just the way she is and look forward to helping her gain the confidence to be the dog she can become!

Poppy, adopted 03/23/2012
Poppy is a 2 year old German shorthaired pointer/Australian Cattle Dog mix who can do it all!  She points, herds, and loves running, jumping, spinning around, & doing tricks.  Poppy, "the space alien," was adopted by her awesome foster mom Kiera.  Congratulations!!
Kiera and the Poptart!

Marvin, adopted 03/18/2012
Marvin (formerly Howie), aka "Marvin the Martian" and "Marvin the Marvelous!" is a 7 month old purebred tri-colour English setter and is the most delightful puppy we've ever met!  He's smart, playful, and loves everyone he meets.  It's no wonder that his foster family (which includes 5 cats!) fell in love with his charming, silly personality.  Congratulation to Theresa Rink & family!
Marvin with his squeaky bone!

Baylee, adopted 03/19/2012
Baylee is a sweet, gentle 4 year old purebred English pointer who was adopted by her foster dad Rudy.  She even gets to go to work with him because he's a vet!  Congratulations Rudy, on making Baylee a permanent member of your family!
Baylee at the dog park!

Rocky, adopted 02/21/2012
Rocky (formerly Guinness) is a 2 year old purebred German shorthaired pointer who is athletic, affectionate, and is full of personality!  His new dad Frank plays the harmonica and Rocky loves to "sing" along!  Happy tails, Rocky & Frank!

Willow, adopted 02/17/2012 
Willow is an approximately 1 year old English pointer/Dalmatian mix who is bubbly, friendly, and loves meeting new people & dogs.  She really hit the jackpot when the Swansons adopted her, because not only does she have a doggie best friend (8 year old Roo), but she has two kids of her own as well!
There is no such thing as a bone that's "too big!"

Winston Churchill, reunited with his family 01/20/2012
On January 2nd, 2012 Churchill was rescued from the euthanasia list at Maricopa County animal shelter in Phoenix, AZ.  Three weeks later we received emails, Facebook messages, and voicemails from a family who had lost their 13 year old English pointer, Roy, just after Christmas.  They described Churchill perfectly and when they went to his foster home to see him there was no question he was their long lost dog!  Roy's happy tail is the happiest of all... a sweet, senior dog being reunited with the family who has loved him since he was a puppy.  We wish Roy and the Sutter family the very best!

Lily, adopted 12/31/2011
Lily is a lovely 2 year old urebred "lemonhead" English pointer who went from an emaciated stray to a cherished family member when her foster mom Jen adopted her!  Now Lily gets to be a foster sister, along with her English pointer brother Dillon, helping rescued dogs learn to have fun while they are waiting for their forever homes!

Lily, the sun-bathing beauty!

Chester, adopted 12/29/2011
Chester is a 5 year old purebred German shorthaired pointer who loves to fetch, cuddle on the couch, and has a really goofy sense of humour!  Congratulations to the Taczanowsky family and their three GSPs Cocoa Bean, Schnapps & Gracie!
Chester & his dad watching "American Idol!"

Tilly, adopted 12/15/2011
Tilly is a sweet & petite 2 year old English pointer mix who is athletic, spunky, and very affectionate.  Congratulations to Jason & son Logan, on their very first family dog!
Tilly & Logan!